How it Works

FlyCoin (FLY) are crypto tokens minted on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain (using the ERC-20 protocol). That means there's a limited supply that is completely transparent. It also means anybody can accept, spend, or trade FLY without needing permission.

Work Process

Fly anywhere, FLY everywhere.

At first glance, FLY look and act just like regular frequent flier miles. But by being a real cryptocurrency under the hood:

  • FLY can be earned via many partners.

  • FLY never expire... you truly own them.

  • FLY allow permissionless transfer and exchange.

  • FLY allow travelers to delve into crypto with no risk.

FlyCoin Partners

As an ERC-20 token, anyone can accept or send FLY. Joining as an official launch partner qualifies you for extra incentives.

Ravn Alaska

The regional airline of Alaska, Ravn has already awarded FLY to over 200,000 passengers since launching FlyCoin in June 2021.

Northern Pacific
Northern Pacific Airways

Launching in Spring 2022, NP will provide daily service between the US and Asia with over 1M projected passengers per year at launch.

Future Launch Partners
Give FLY to your Customers

Bonus FLY incentives available. Email us at to discuss!

Airport Launch Partners
Accept FLY at your Business

Bonus FLY incentives available. Email us at to discuss!

The FLY Roadmap

FlyCoin is building to a full public ecosystem launch in Q2 2022. A full partner API along with end-user apps are in development.

The FLY Team

CEO Lenny Moon
Lenny Moon

CEO Lenny Moon has been an investment banker, CFO, and VC at startups, turnarounds, and large firms for over 25 years.

President Tom Hsieh
Tom Hsieh

President Tom Hsieh has a long history of successful ventures from the early days of the internet at Earthlink to non-profits, political campaigns, and even the airline industry.

Josh Jones
Josh Jones

Chairman and CTO Josh Jones got into Bitcoin in 2010 after starting DreamHost in 1996.

Nate Daiger
Nate Daiger

Senior Software Developer Nate Daiger has been into the internet and crypto exactly as long as Josh, but is better at both.

The FLY Supply

There is a fixed total supply of 100B FlyCoin (FLY), to be distributed in the proportions below at the rate of 5B / quarter from 2022-2026.

  • 40% to Launch Partners to reward their users.
  • 30% to FlyCoin, Inc. to support the ecosystem.
  • 20% to Post-Launch Partners to reward their users.
  • 10% to support the decarbonization of air travel.

FlyCoin News

Please email for inquiries.

FlyCoin Mobile App

FlyCoin API and APP

Soon partners will have access to simple yet powerful JSON API for interacting with FlyCoin, as well as an OAuth-based authentication flow. End users will be able to do everything right here at, as well as via our Venmo-like iOS and Android apps.

  • Stake your FLY for elite status.

  • Send and receive FLY at no cost.

  • Track your activity and redeem your rewards.

Request Access

The FlyCoin Debit Card

Earn FLY everywhere. And spend it everywhere too.

  • Earn 2-5% cashback in FLY.

  • Earn 2-5% interest on deposits.

  • No annual fee.

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The FlyCoin Card

Frequently Asked Questions

It's really pretty straightforward.

What is FlyCoin and how is it different from legacy travel loyalty programs?

FlyCoin represents the evolution of loyalty programs. We’ve applied the principles of cryptocurrency and blockchain to create a new kind of loyalty program that’s free from the limitations of today’s programs. Airlines and hotels restrict their members to systems that only allow for certain redemptions as prescribed by them. FlyCoin changes all of that by allowing you to use rewards the way you want to—whether that’s redeeming them for an airfare, a preflight meal at the airport, or, unique to FlyCoin, Bitcoin or U.S. dollars.

Unlike the loyalty programs of today, where rewards are increasingly harder to redeem and constantly devalued, rewards earned through FlyCoin actually appreciate over time, offering members an opportunity to make a low-risk investment in the future of money. Our goal is to provide a program that untethers you from the constraints of today’s loyalty programs and is actually loyal to you, the customer, instead of airlines or credit card companies.

What is the currency called?

Each unit of currency is known as a FlyCoin token, or “FLY” .. which will be the ticker symbol (like BTC or ETH) when FlyCoin trades on exchanges.

How does each FLY get its value?

FlyCoin Partners have to agree to always accept FLY as a currency for the service they offer, at a floor value (currently set to $0.02/FLY). Because you can use FLY for things like air travel on Ravn Alaska or Northern Pacific Airways, it's useful and therefore has value.

Where is FLY stored?

The tokens themselves are on the Ethereum blockchain, though they've also been bridged to Polygon. Individual holders will be able to custody their FLY with or the original partner where they earned them. If they're so inclined, they can also withdraw their FLY to their own crypto wallet (we recommend MetaMask.

How do I earn FLY?

Right now you can earn FLY on all Ravn Alaska flights. And soon, you’ll be able to earn and redeem with Northern Pacific Airways, which is scheduled to launch flights in summer 2022. We’re working closely with the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport as well as other businesses in the Anchorage, Alaska area to set up partnerships so travelers can earn FLY on a wide range of purchases, from a morning coffee to a beer at the airport, or even a glacier tour in Alaska. Other launch partners will be announced soon!

Can I buy FLY?

No. Currently FLY must be earned by using the services of a FlyCoin partner.

How do I redeem FLY?

Currently FLY can be redeemed for flights at Ravn Alaska at the rate of $0.02/FLY. Soon you will be able to redeem FLY with other partners or sell it on crypto exchanges.

Does FLY expire?

No. It's a real cryptocurrency and you can even have full custody of it if you'd like!

What kind of compliance measures is FLY bound by?

We are obliged to comply with extensive and evolving regulations. Our team is dedicated to ensuring FlyCoin remains compliant with all federal and local regulations.

I don’t understand cryptocurrency or blockchain. What do I need to know about them to understand FLY?

Don’t worry if you find the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain confusing. We get it. Traditional loyalty programs essentially “print” more rewards, but FLY will have a finite supply, coupled with broad distribution. As more partners come on board with FlyCoin, they will be able to purchase more FLY to issue to their customers in the form of rewards. This means that the only way to acquire FLY is by earning it through flying, or eventually purchases at everyday retailers, allowing FLY to appreciate and acquire real value as a currency.

What if I don’t want to earn crypto?

Don’t want crypto? No problem. You can redeem your FLY for travel miles just as you would with any other airline or hotel program, or you may use them to pay for purchases in the airport like a preflight drink, meals, or even magazines and books to read on board. Finally, you can convert FLY to cash, so that can be deposited directly into your bank account.