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Introducing Flycoin

Ravn Alaska company creates a cryptocurrency for its mileage rewards program
The parent company of the state’s biggest rural airline has created a cryptocurrency to reward fliers with a digital token that, according to plans, could soon be traded on exchanges like Bitcoin is today.
FlyCoin, Inc., a cryptocurrency-based travel rewards technology company announces the closing of their oversubscribed $33 million seed round.
FlyCoin’s revolutionary technology infrastructure provides companies in the consumer loyalty space – including travel and hospitality, insurance and benefits, financial services, and more, with a powerful, turnkey solution to incentivize users in a more customer-centric way.
Led by Bitcoin pioneer Josh Jones, the oversubscribed seed round solidifies FlyCoin’s place as a rewards and travel-tech leader.
Northern Pacific figures leisure travelers won’t mind making a connection in Anchorage to save 20% on fares.
Soon, cryptocurrency tokens will replace the miles that frequent flyers currently accumulate before exchanging them for free flights. At least that’s the thinking of startup FlyCoin, which has presented its concept to various airlines.