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Introducing Flycoin

In the airline business, only loyalty has value. This is literally true for the major long-haul carriers (for reasons explained below), and sister airlines Ravn Alaska and Northern Pacific Airways want a share, too.
Lisa Nestor and Rena Shah will provide practical expertise, strategic insights, and tactical guidance based on their years of experience in the crypto industry. They will serve as strategic thought partners as Flycoin continues to progress forward and grow their ecosystem.
Ravn Alaska, which is owned by the same parent company as the highly anticipated Northern Pacific Airways, is now rewarding its travelers with FlyCoin digital tokens (denoted as FLY) for the flights they take.
These days, more startups are looking to cash in on crypto fever by offering customer loyalty rewards through the blockchain. But how many of them also happen to run their own airline?
Anchorage-based Northern Pacific Airways has signed a partnership with FlyCoin, a cryptocurrency-based travel technology startup.
The parent company of the state’s biggest rural airline has created a cryptocurrency to reward fliers with a digital token that, according to plans, could soon be traded on exchanges like Bitcoin is today.